The Embodiment of Love Itself: The Line of Love

The Embodiment of Love Itself: The Line of Love

Artist Notes by Joseph Chiang

This series of work, entitled the "Line of Love", is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of true love in the world we live in. Drawing from the tender relationships between family members, friends and lovers, my goal is to have my figures express the heartfelt love felt between each other.

Joseph's "Embrace" pendant from the Line of Love.

"The lines and dots are creations of art.
The lines represent both life and love;
The dots represent both you and me.
The dots are joined by the lines,
Which connects us together."

Conceptually, my art formed from what I have observed to be universal principles of nature - where life originates from a point; and from there, gathers to eventually form a plane, or another dimension.

It has taken me almost five years to finish this collection, where nearly two hundred pieces have been completed.

Joseph's "Namaste" pendant from the Line of Love.

In the future, my plan is for these sculptures to be designed in a variety of sizes and mediums including bronze, stone, clay and wood; and be featured in different spaces such as outdoor public art, landscape gardens, atriums and in collectors' homes.

Currently the designs are made for silver sculpture jewelry, available on this Line of Love website.


Left to right: "Diving"; "Beijing You & Me"; "It's Time to Gold"; "Chase the Dream".

This series of four sculptures, "The Pursuance of Dreams", was selected as a series of distinguished works in the International Contest of Design in Landscape Sculpture for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my family, parents, friends and every art collector who has provided me with their unerring support of my creative and artistic pursuits.

Joseph Chiang


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