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Our Family pendant - Three's the Charm!

Family pendant by Joseph Chiang
Our pendant above, Family, honours the loving interconnectedness and unity between three family members

Did you know the number 'three' is also a sign of good luck and fortune? In Chinese culture, the number three sounds very similar to the word "birth" (pronounced "sheng" in Mandarin). 

In France, three is also considered a lucky number. And a suitor when buying flowers for his lady ought to consider buying flowers in odd numbers - namely 3 or 5 (never even numbers). 

Our Family pendant here blesses the ones who have become a family of three together. Who do you know who has recently become a family of three? 

Posted by Joseph Chiang on 06 November, 2015 family, familyofthree, joseph chiang, Line of Love, sterling silver, vancouver bc |
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