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The Melody of Love Pendant ... Will it Bring you Love? Some say...yes!

This piece, the Melody of Love, has two people sitting inside the treble clef. If you look carefully, you'll even see both their arms outstretched in the piece.


The Melody of Love inspires not only musicians but people who enjoy music; my idea behind the piece comes from my belief that it is not only a piece for musicians but for two people who are inspired to create something beautiful together.

The Melody of Love by Joseph Chiang - sterling silver pendant Does this pendant inspire love? Some say yes it does! 

A synergy between two people exists and brings them together to create a masterpiece. 


Last summer, a woman came by Granville Island and saw this pendant. She had bought it for a friend of hers, who had sworn off love for many years.


In that first week her friend wore the pendant, guess what happened?


She met someone and fell in love! It was such a beautiful love story that her friend came back to share it with us. 


In another story, a woman, an opera singer, stopped by multiple times last year to look at this pendant.


She told us it was her and her husband's wedding anniversary, and they had met on a cruise ship while she was working. The story went as follows: She jokingly asked the audience, "Does anyone want to get married? Because I'd love to be married!" 


And her future husband-to-be shouted "Yes!" from the crowd. 


The chemistry was instantaneous and they were married shortly after... having been married now for a few wonderful years, everywhere she travels, she looks for something that symbolizes music as a way of celebrating their love. The elegant and classic lines of this piece are symbolic of their eternal love. 

Celebrate the melody of your love together, and how you've found your own beautiful, unique way of listening to each other in your lives.

So will you give yourself the gift of a chance at love this year? Or perhaps for someone else in your life! You just never know! 
Melody of Love pendant (medium) in sterling silver by Joseph Chiang
If you'd like to see this pendant in person and try it on, we will be at the Arts Alive Show this Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm.


This piece comes in three different sizes, and we offer different chain lengths options as well! This outdoor show is children-friendly with lots of childrens' activities, and will feature artwork from local artisans, live music, pottery, jewellery and more! 

Click HERE for more information about Arts Alive!

 And don't forget, in case you can't make it to Arts Alive, we will still be at the Granville Island Public Market during this time. 

 This pendant comes in 3 different sizes: 

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