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Four Ways to be Together in a Distraction-Filled Week

Ah, to be together with your special somebody is truly a blessing. Sadly, in our high-paced lives, it's getting harder and harder to be together when we have so many things eating up our time - including our jobs, extracurricular activities, families, acquaintances and to-do lists. 

Here at the Line of Love, we meet a lot of customers who tell us stories of how they met their significant other, and how they stay together - and we love! their stories.

And perhaps more importantly, we thought about some ways couples could spend time together in their day-to-day lives and express their love to each other every day. So here's a few thoughts from us...

Four Ways to Be Together in a Distraction-Filled Week Together sterling silver pendant by Line of Love Jewellery
Be together with your partner in spirit when you're apart. Find
our Together pendant here. 

1. Spending time together implies that you're not spending time on OTHER things. And this includes distractions like iPhones, iPads, your kids and your cats. Consider it spending analog time together, in a digital age. Find some real 'face time' with your husband or partner.  

Four Ways to be Together in a Distraction-Filled World - Do you remember when? by Line of Love Jewellery
Hmmm...when was the last time we made THIS happen?

Make a plan to turn your phones off for date-night and actually carve out some quality time - even 20 minutes - together with your partner. Creating deep, meaningful conversations existed long before Facebook or Twitter, and so it is that you too can engage in some quality 'non-digital' time.

2. Show them you're thinking about them even when you're not together. What does your partner love? What would they appreciate if you did it for them today?

Even a small thing - like filling up your partner's car, or leaving a small note in their packed lunch with an inside joke, is a surprisingly sweet thought to show that you're thinking about them even when you're not with them. 

Clear out ALL distractions for an evening for a chance at quiet time. We think you can do it! by Line of Love Jewellery

Date night never looked so good...!

3. Make a date out of it. Most of us complain that we don't have enough time in our day - well, the best and simplest way to do it is to clear out ALL distractions for an evening.  

There is no excuse when you decide to pre-plan it like you plan your work meetings, your kids' soccer and violin lessons and your shopping list.

Schedule the babysitter, make the dinner reservation, and anticipate the moment! Can you create a distraction - free date night every month? Every two weeks? We think maybe, you can!

Give the gift of gratitude - it opens up miles of doors! by Line of Love Jewellery
And let me start to count the ways I shall thank thee! #gratitude 

4. Give each other the gift of gratitude. Above all else, it is important to remind each other of the wonderful qualities each person brings to the relationship. Make a list, and check it twice... it's not only a powerful reminder of the relationship you've chosen to invest your time and love into, but also a wonderful way to be grateful for all the things he does for you (and vice versa!). 

And one of the best things about this quick and powerful exercise is that opening the doors of gratitude allows you to intuitively seek ways to find more and different ways to be together...each and every day. 

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