About the Line of Love

About the Line of Love


 Line of Love Power of Two

Welcome to Line of Love, created by Joseph Chiang, an awarded international artist.

The copyrighted Line of Love jewellery line* communicates the message of genuine love through the light of humanity. The sculptures deals with all kinds of love – motherly love, love between friends and family, and of course, romantic love.

Family of Four by Joseph Chiang

'Family of Four' in the Loving Family Collection, by Joseph Chiang.

The Line of Love sculpture series is created by twisting coils together to represent the lines of bodies and limbs. The outstretched ends of the lines represent arms, while the round heads represent the number of people in each specific piece.

 'Reach for the Sky' by Joseph Chiang
'Reach for the Sky' from the Celebrating Your Passion collection.

The shape of each piece is simply designed with flowing agility. The individual characters of each piece complement each other to show the warmth and depth of deep love.

Joseph spent many years designing this series. About 200 individual sculpture pieces have already been completed with the intent of being featured as future landscape sculptures.

Joseph working in his studio on his Line of Love jewelry collection.

Miniature sculptures have also been created for gift collections in numerous prior years.

These sculptures can be displayed in a park or garden. In smaller versions, they are statement pieces displayed within a showcase or home, and also worn as sterling silver pendants from the Line of Love jewelry collection.


Artist Statement

The Line of Love Sculpture series can be marked as my most complete project and one that contains the largest variety of designs. This sculpture series was exhibited in 2006 at Taipa-Houses Museum in Macau, China.

I wish to express my heartfelt joy for having completed this project. I am genuinely grateful to my parents, my family and art collectors for their unerring trust and support of my life’s work.

I hope that this complete series will eventually be featured in a beautiful garden or public park called “The Line of Love Sculpture Garden” which will bring people from all over the world together.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and learn about my life’s work.



Line of Love Sculpture Exhibitions

A selection of the Line of Love, entitled “Time to Say Goodbye,” was exhibited in the International Museum of Ceramics (MIC) in Faenza in 2003 during the International Ceramics Exhibition. The MIC holds the largest collection of ceramics in the world. The MIC is dedicated to documenting “the culture of ceramics on all five continents through the centuries.”

The ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ Sculpture shows children growing up within their family, as their limbs and roots begin to grow and extend outwards.

Notably, four pieces from the Line of Love were also selected from over 2433 candidate pieces for the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design in Beijing, China.

These pieces were part of a six-month national exhibition.

Locally in British Columbia, Canada, pieces from the Line of Love were selected for the ARTS 2004 Juried Exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery, a contemporary museum which is also notably the second largest public art gallery in the Metro Vancouver region.


*The Line of Love jewelry sculpture series by Joseph Chiang is copyrighted under copyright registration #1123754.


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