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About Joseph

Artist & creator Joseph Chiang began his exploration into music, art, design and sculpture began at a young age. A creative force in multiple mediums, he has been exploring his passion within field of both jewelry and ceramic arts since 1984. 

His artwork has won international awards from countries including South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Italy, China, Macau and Canada, where he currently resides.

Artist Joseph Chiang with his Line of Love Sculpture Exhibition at Taipa-Houses Museum, Macau, 2006

Joseph with his Line of Love Sculptures Exhibition at Taipa-Houses Museum, Macau, 2006

Exploring the Idea of Love...with the Line of Love

Joseph’s Line of Love jewelry line, in fact, originated from his work from larger sculpture designs. This series of larger sculptures was part of a vision he had of one day creating a sculpture garden, or permanent outdoor park which could be visited by people all over the world.

In 2003, he took the leap and committed more time to the development of his line of large metal series of sculptures exploring the theme of love. 

Share your love freely...because life is short. Love strongly. Line of Love Jewellery

His sterling silver jewelry represents love that people now can gift to each other, which celebrates the gift of love between partners, friends, and family.

Joseph’s unique approach and diverse style of sculpting has been influenced by his exposure to an array of multicultural stimulus. After a childhood in Southern Taiwan, Joseph spent six years in South Africa and then moved to Canada in 1997. 

His innovative personality and his passion for overcoming challenges has provided him with a solid foundation on which to build his unique designs. His other work in ceramics, widely recognized both locally and internationally, can be found at the Granville Island Public Market where he can be spotted on a regular basis! 

His ceramics is featured regularly on his Facebook page, Joseph Clay Arts. You can reach him there or through his website, Joseph Clay Arts

Artist Joseph Chiang with a collection of his larger ceramic pieces in South Africa.

Joseph near the beginning of his ceramics journey with a collection of his larger ceramic pieces in South Africa. 

"Every piece which I create is beautiful, imaginative and inspiring. Ceramics became a part of my life during a difficult period and this was a fertile time of experimentation, trial and error. It is through this time that I found my way forward."

Artist Joseph Chiang working in South Africa on a large ceramic piece.

"My work with the clay medium has taught me patience and persistence; it never fails to energize me.  I have found over the years that my imagination is a never-ending source of creativity. As a result, I strive for perfection in every piece as I know that the sky is the limit. 

I look forward to continuing to learn, explore and create beauty through my ceramic art."

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