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Browse through the photos below featuring Joseph's Line of Love sculptures, in exhibitions and various locations.

Joseph Chiang opening his Invitational Line of Love Sculptures exhibition
(Macau, 2006).

Joseph Chiang and his Invitational Line of Love Sculpture Exhibition
(Macau, 2006).

Joseph Chiang with his Line of Love Exhibition (Macau, 2006).

Joseph Chiang's "Time to Say Goodbye" was featured in Italy's
International Museum of Ceramics (2003).

One of Joseph's Line of Love sculptures.

Joseph in his studio working on his Line of Love jewelry line (Vancouver, 2015).

Joseph with a selection of his sculpture series of work, prior to the firing process.

From the Line of Love - Garden & Outdoor Sculpture series.

From the Line of Love - Garden & Outdoor Sculpture series.

From the Line of Love - Garden & Outdoor Sculpture series.

From the Line of Love - Garden & Outdoor Sculpture series.

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