Joseph Chiang's Exhibitions & Awards – Line of Love

Joseph Chiang's Exhibitions & Awards

Joseph's sculptures (above), selected from over 2,433 candidate pieces
for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Landscape sculpture design & exhibition.

2009     Exhibited at North Vancouver District Hall (Canada)

2008     Designed a series of medallions for City of Surrey's Civic Treasures Award (Canada)

2006     Selection of sculptures for the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Exhibition (Beijing, China)

2006     Invitational Sculptures Exhibition at Taipa-Houses Museum (Macau, China)

2004     ARTS 2004 Juried Exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery (Canada)

2003     The 3rd Cheongju International Craft Biennale (Korea)

2003     Canada Bird Fair, Invitational exhibition (Vancouver, Canada)

2003     M.I.C. Faenza International Ceramics Exhibition (Italy)

2003     Sydney International Teapot Show, Invitational (Australia)

2002     The 6th International Ceramics (Design) Competition (Mino, Japan)

2000     The 6th International Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award (Yinggee, Taiwan)

2000     Awarded at the Spring Juried Clay Exhibition (Canada)

1999     Artist of the Year, awarded by the Maple Ridge Art Gallery (Canada)

1996     South Africa National Ceramics Biennale (Johannesburg, South Africa)

1995     Awarded at Edgeware Ceramics Exhibition (Natal, South Africa)

1994     South Africa Ceramics Award (Cape Town, South Africa)

 The ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ Sculpture, featured in the International Museum of Ceramics, Italy (2003)

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