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Thank you to our dear customers who have taken the time to write and share their thoughts on Joseph's jewellery. May you continue to enjoy your pieces for many moons to come!

Thank you, from our heart to yours. We are grateful for your patronage! Line of Love Jewellery

I adore my little lady bug earrings. I wear them all the time and always receive compliments on them :) - Nina A. 
(Ladybug studs, small)

I have had so many compliments and I do not take them off....thank you do very much - Rebecca T.
(Ladybug studs, small)

So beautiful, perfect gift for a 15 year olds birthday. - Kellie M. 
(Reach for the Sky)

I own "Sisters" from the family collection, the ladybug necklace, a beautiful porcelain cup and ladybug and I have purchased numerous small ladybug pins. Each piece is unique and beautiful. I wear the ladybug pin everyday and because of their realistic appearance I have had people try to pick her off my shirt. I have also given many away as gifts to my friends and family. I have had many people ask where I got these and I delight in handing them a business card from Joseph or his contact and website information. If you are thinking about owning a piece from Joseph...do it now, you won't regret it. - Susanne C.

Lucky Ladybug Pins!
Lucky Ladybug Leaf necklace 

Love me Family necklace!

I recently received this beautiful family necklace for my birthday. I love the design so much. Shipping was really fast and it arrived all wrapped up in a lovely gift box. - Steve S.

(Mother & Two Children/Family of 3)

I bought this pendant from Joseph (the artist) more than a year ago, and I love the significance, the symbol has so many different meanings for me. The quality of his work is outstanding and unique! Each piece is slightly different from the other because it is all handmade piece by piece Jewelry - Love! - Francine I., Vancouver, B.C.
Mother & Two Children/Family of 3 #103B

...When I saw the Ladybug pins I just had to have one. At that time I bought extra for two of my best friends. Everyone can use some good luck these days. My friends loved them too so now I am keeping them on hand to give to other friends.  They look so realistic that sometimes people think that a Ladybug has landed on my top. Thank you so much!

Rochelle B., California

Lucky porcelain ladybug pins by Joseph Chiang

As a frequent visitor to Granville Island, and back then a mere student in energy healing, I clearly remember the day I went into the market and came across the table that boldly caught my attention and drew me in. I LOVE jewelry. All of the shiny silver drew me in. But then I looked up to see that these pieces were part of a whole that made up what is called the Line of Love.

I was captivated and so interested in seeing what had been created. What represents this Line of Love? I had to find out.

Joseph, the artist and creator of this magnificent jewelry, was there that day and immediately I was drawn in by his gentle, loving and kind energy. I learned that all of these pieces were smaller versions of larger sculptures of his. I took my time with each piece, fascinated how these pieces of art had been made into pendants and rings, fascinated with the creativity, drawn in by the energy, and impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was overwhelming in the most wonderful way. 

Carrying the Dream - sterling silver ring by Joseph ChiangThat day I purchased the Carrying the Dream ring and the Infinity pendant. The moment I put them on I noticed how good they felt. 

As a professional energy healer, I realize now that I was tuning in to the energy that was held within each piece. There was a noticeable difference to me when I would wear it vs when I would take it off.

The energy of these pieces bring a warmth, nurturing and a sense of calm and well-being with them. It’s so clear that each piece is infused with the love that this man has for his craft and the consideration for all who will be future owners of his art.

Over the years, I have added to my collection with the Yoga Tree pendant and most recently the Nurturing pendant.

Each piece has meant a great deal to me and have come always with the most exquisite timing, mirroring profoundly meaningful things that were happening in my journey through this life.

I am so grateful to Joseph for sharing his gift through this medium and making his art available to be worn and carried with us in our lives.

The Line of Love is true to its name… the energy of Love is present in every piece, and it is wonderful.

Kaelah Clemens

Founder: Flow Your Growth
Angelwing Therapies

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